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AKTNR 2237-23197
Gestaltning i förbindelsegång på Nya Karolinska Solna. Bländare, detalj, ©Helena Izoz/Bildupphovsrätt 2017. Foto P. Mannberg
Culture plays a crucial role in enhancing the appeal of the Stockholm region for residents, visitors, and investors. Consequently, the Region Stockholm, formerly known as the Stockholm County Council, actively supports cultural initiatives.
Art and culture also play a vital role in creating therapeutic environments for healthcare. The cultural administration is tasked with ensuring that county residents have exposure to art in diverse settings, such as hospitals and the subway system.

About us

The Culture Administration in Region Stockholm operates on behalf of the Culture Committee (for further information on the Cultural Committee's meetings and documents, visit regionstockholm.se). It comprises four departments:

  • The Department for Strategic Coordination is responsible for disbursing financial support from the Cultural Committee to cultural and community activities and education throughout Stockholm County. Cultural experiences are brought to hospitals, healthcare facilities, and elderly homes. Additionally, the department conducts surveys, investigations, and strategic reviews to address various cultural issues within the county.
  • The Department of Art oversees all public art in the county's healthcare environments, managing new art projects in newly established or renovated healthcare settings. It is also responsible for maintaining, nurturing, and refreshing the existing collection of approximately 60,000 artworks.
  • The Department of Conducive County Culture comprises the Regional Library Stockholm, Film Stockholm, and Dance Circus, each operating cohesively within its respective area.
  • The Cultural Administration also houses a Department for Operational Support, encompassing functions such as archiving/registry, finance, communication, and IT.

Our vision

Foster culture that creates common spaces, encourages participation, and opens up new worlds in a growing, creative, and sustainable region.

Our objectives

In the Region Stockholm budget, detailed goals and reporting procedures are outlined for the end of the year. In summary, the overarching goals for culture are as follows:

  • Prioritize children and young people, allocating a significant portion of external support for their benefit.
  • Strategically coordinate the county's resources, with a focus on developing cooperation between the Cultural Council, local representatives, cultural actors, and civil society.
  • Provide financial support for arts and culture to enhance experiences, participation, and meetings. Report the percentage of municipalities reached by the Cultural Council's support.
  • Integrate culture as an essential part of healthcare, allocating two percent of production costs for healthcare halls and one percent for other halls to art.


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