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Open call: 7 Art Commissions at Sös

AKTNR 3575-21545
Sös från ovan Fotograf Clas Fröhling
Photo Södersjukhuset from above. Fotographer Clas Fröhling.


Region Stockholm invites professional artists to register their interest in a art assignment in care building 17/18 at Södersjukhuset. The artistic creations in the project concern parts of the interiors of seven care wards, and are carried out as seven separate art assignments.

Artistic design is an significant part of the entire hospital and contributes to the atmosphere of both the interior and exterior environment. Adding varied artistic expression and aesthetics contributes to a humane and welcoming care environment. 


The Stockholm region is growing rapidly while the average life expectancy is increasing. Region Stockholm meets this need with a strategic expansion with the aim of developing the hospitals' current infrastructure with modern premises and adequate equipment. 

At Södersjukhuset, three new buildings have been erected at the same time as major renovations have been carried out. Plans are now being made for the modernization of care building 17/18, which will accommodate general care wards on seven levels. The reconstruction is planned to be completed in 2025. 

The new care wards with single patient rooms in building 17/18 involve expansion in two buildings with a central lift hall in between. Great care must be taken in the design of the premises so that they are experienced as a common care department. 

Sös vårdrum skissbild till utlysning Illustration wardroom by Tengbom.

The artistic asignments

The assignments are located on floors 1 – 7 in building 17/18 and include the design of seven departments. Each assignment includes a care department with 24 care rooms as well as some wall sections in strategic locations. 

We are asking for a cohesive dynamic artistic design that that complies with the room's capability to accommodate art. 

In the environment, there are requirements for good accessibility and therefore works of art can only extend from the wall with limited dimensions. 

Due to accessibility requirements, there are limits to how far works of art can extend from the walls. 

There might be opportunities to work with recycled material from the deconstruction within the artistic assignment. 

Conditions on site 

A good understanding of the special circumstances that characterize a care environment is crucial in the work with the artistic design. Patients and relatives are often in a vulnerable situation and therefore it is important that the artistic elements, together with other forms, convey care and support the care professionals in their work. 

The artistic design is part of an architectural context, which means collaboration with project managers from the cultural administration in Region Stockholm, art advisers, project management from Region Stockholm's property company Locum, architects, lighting consultants and more. 

Requirements specification 

Region Stockholm following requirements for artistic creations: 

• The artwork must have a high intrinsic artistic value, be complex in content and contribute to a visually attractive environment. 

• The artwork(s) must relate to the specific characteristics and conditions of the care environment, such as physical safety and accessibility aspects, transport flows, hygiene and more. 

• Environmental impact must be taken into account in relation to the choice of materials and production methods. In the agreement with the cultural administration, the artist who is to carry out a design assignment undertakes to use as environmentally friendly material as possible and to handle hazardous substances and residual products in accordance with current regulations. Chemicals listed in Region Stockholm's phase-out lists for chemicals hazardous to the environment and health may not be used. 

• The art procured for Region Stockholm's care environments must be well adapted from an administrative perspective. The artist must be able to present solutions for how the artwork should be cared for and maintained and ensure that a sufficiently high level of sustainability is achieved. 


The budget for the sketch fee assignment is SEK 40,000 excluding VAT. 

The budget for the execution of assignments is SEK 750,000 excluding VAT. The artist is responsible for the budget. Within the budget, all costs for the production of the artwork must be accommodated, including the artist's salary, cost of the artwork's copyright, material costs, assembly/installation, subcontractors/assistants, travel, transportation, insurance, and storage until assembly can take place. 


2022-10-31 at 23.59 last time for submitting the Application of Interest 

2022 – week 48 (preliminary) artists appointed for sketch assignments 

2022 – week 50 (preliminary) scheduled time for kick-off meeting 

2023 – week 15 sketch submission 

2023 – week 17 artists appointed for artistic commission 

2023 – Q2 start production 

2025 – Q1 artwork completed and installation on site 

Production of artwork is to follow the construction project's overall schedule. The schedule for the construction project is preliminary and may change during the project period. 

Who can apply? 

To be eligible to apply for an artistic design assignment, the following requirements must be met: 

• You must be a professional artist. 

• When assigned an assignment, you must be able to invoice according to relevant tax regulations, for example by being approved for F-tax (individual firm or company). 

Read more about the artist's role and responsibility in the assignment on the page Questions and answers about artistic creation on our website kultur.regionstockholm.se. 

Assessment of Applications of Interest 

The artist's Application of Interest with CV and images of previous works of art form the basis of assessment. 

According to the design assignment announcement (this document), a selection is made of artists qualifiied accordance with the specific assignment. 

Based on the diversity represented among the patients and staff, and on the conditions on site and the healthcare context, four qualitative aspects must be taken into account when making assessments: richness of variation of artistic content, sustainability of artistic content over time, material sustainability, and accessibility. These four aspects serve as a tool for asking relevant and critical questions. 

Allocation of sketch assignments  

Region Stockholm intends to invite ten artists/artist groups to the seven sketch assignments. Sketch assignments do not automatically result in the allocation of the artistic commission.

The artist is assigned the task of carrying out the artistic commission when an Agreement on implementation of artistic design has been signed.

Decisions about which artists are to be invited to sketch assignments are made by the head of the Art department, on delegation from the Culture Committee. Artists who are invited to sketch assignments are notified by phone or e-mail.

According to current legislation, confidentiality applies until a decision is made on the allocation of the artistic commission. The decision of the artistic commission will be published on the cultural administration's website kultur.regionstockholm.se during June 2023. 


You can find general information about artistic assignments and the requirements we set, on the webpage "Frequently asked Questions about artistic design assignments" on this website kultur.regionstockholm.se. 

Questions regarding the project must be e-mailed by 2022-10-24 in order for us to be able to answer them before the registration deadline. Please use e-mail to application.kultur@regionstockholm.se


The formal announcement of the artistic assignment takes place in Swedish. A non-binding translated copy of the call is available in English. Application of Interest can be submitted in both Swedish and English.


Region Stockholm is the client and party to the agreement with the artist.

The Cultural administration manages public art projects in Region Stockholm, including handling Applications of Interest and selection of Art commissions in health care environments.

Application of Interest 

Submit a Application of Interest via web form. Last application date: 2022-10-31. 

Publicerad: 2022-10-10

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